Sunday, August 2, 2009

Morrell Family Reunion

This past week my sisters Mary and Megan were in Utah with their families. We ventured out and did some fun things together while they were here. Between the three of us we have ten children 3- 6 year olds, 2- 4 year olds, 4- 2 year olds, and one three month old!

Some of the fun things we did together was go on a tour of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, see the Walt Whitman "I Spy" exhibit at the BYU museum of art, and let the cousins play together while we went shopping! We miss you guys and wished we all lived closer!

Granny and Grandpa Morrell in front of the BYU art museum with nine of their eleven grandchildren!

Ethan eating pizza with Spencer and his twin cousins Chloe and Coleman.

Eliza eating pizza with her cousins Molly and Sadie.

Ethan, Spencer, and Emma relaxing after a day at the lake!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rafting the Payette River

Over the weekend we went with Micah's family and extended family to Idaho for a fun river rafting trip. We left Eliza at home with Grandma and Grandpa Morrell and brought Ethan and Emma with us. We ran two stretches of the River. Emma went on the first stretch and Ethan came with us on both trips. It was a beautiful area with fun rapids and sandy beaches.

Here we are in the raft waiting to float one of the scenic sections of the river.

Ethan and his cousin Taylor had a blast on the trip. They loved riding at the front of the raft and steering us into the rapids!

Here's Emma riding in a little raft!

Ethan and Emma playng at the beach!

Ethan loved spending time at the beach catching little fish.

Emma having fun roasting marshmellows by the campfire.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July Fourth in The Unitahs

Every summer we try and plan a trip to the Unitah Mountains. This is a special place for Micah and I because it is where we went on our first date and where we got engaged.

This summer Micah's parents invited us to go on a picnic lunch with them on the Fourth of July.
Here we are enjoying our yummy picnic food at Provo River Falls!

The kids had a lot of fun wading in the water. Here is Emma leading Grandma in!

And Eliza leading grandma in!

Here we are in front of the falls.
A cute picture of Grandma and Grandpa Monson!

Ethan and Emma found snow up in the mountains!

We decided to go on a hike around Mirror Lake. Here are Emma, Eliza, and Ethan walking hand in hand along the trail.

Eliza found a rock to take a rest on.

Eliza, Ethan, and Emma posing in front of Mirror Lake after their hike!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

Today we celebrated Emma's fourth birthday! We had a family party for her with lots of yummy food and cupcakes! One of her favorite presents was the little princess chair she is sitting on!

Her cousins Spencer and Molly from Denver were able to come to her party this year. They had a lot of fun playing together and opening presents!
Because Emma's birthday is so close to July 4th, we were able to put on a little firework show for our family and neighbors. It was such a hit I think we will have to make this a yearly tradition!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emma's Finger

Today at church, Emma got her pinky finger shut in her Sunbeam classroom door. Micah and I immediately took her to our doctor's office and they looked at her finger and told us to go to Primary Children's Medical Center. After taking X-rays they were able to see that no bones were broken so they put four stitches in her finger. We had a child life specialist in the room with us that played with Emma and helped her make a doll to demonstrate how they would put stitches in her finger. Through the whole experience Emma remained really calm and handled everything really well. We were amazed that she didn't even cry!
This is the last place we thought we would end up on Father's Day, but we were still able to spend time with both of our Father's and have a good day!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Over the past week Ethan graduated from kindergarten and Emma graduated from her 3 year old preschool class! We had a fun time attending their festivities and will probably be singing "Going to the Zoo" for the next month!

Here is Emma with her teacher Mrs. Suzanne. Emma is excited to have her again next year as her 4 year old preschool teacher!

During the graduation ceremony Eliza decided to join in with the singing and dancing!

Next we had Ethan's graduation from Kindergarten. He really enjoyed having Miss Shaw as his teacher!
The graduation program was so exciting for Emma, she fell asleep in Grandma Monson's arms!

Grandma and Grandpa Morrell were also there for Ethan's big day!

Monday, May 4, 2009


This past weekend Eliza and I drove to Denver with my sister Desi and my dad to go to my nephew Marcus's baby blessing. Our favorite part of the eight hour drive there was stopping for ice cream at the Little America Hotel at 9:00 in the morning.

Here is Eliza enjoying her ice cream!

Eliza and I were in baby heaven holding Marcus. He is such a good baby! I didn't hear him cry once!

Here is my mom and I having fun with baby Marcus. Five of my six siblings were in Denver this weekend and my mom did a good job of pampering us while we were there!

Poising with my two Denver nephews, Marcus and Spencer. Spencer is my sister Mary's cute little boy who is Emma's age.

Grandpa and Granny Morrell with Marcus and my brother Will and his wife Alisha on Marcus's blessing day.

Eliza and I flew home with Aunt Desi. We were lucky the plane wasn't full so Eliza got to sit in her carseat on the airplane. Eliza and I had a fun time on our trip, but our happy to be back home with the rest of our family!